1887 Elgin Convertible Pocket Watch, Grade 50, 15 Jewels, Size 16, Coin Silver Case



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Manufacturer: Elgin National Watch Co.
Serial Number: 2346176
Estimated Production Date:
Grade: 50
Model: 1
Size: 16s
Total Production: 36,000
Jewels: 15 Jewels
Setting Method: Lever
Winding Method: Pendant
Factory Adjusted: Yes
Railroad Grade: Yes
Configuration: Hunting
Dial: Single-Sunk, Arabic Numerals, Ring Track
Hands: Plumb Moon
Case: Hunting Hinged Coin Silver, Fahys No.1
Serviced: Yes, and Adjusted

Condition Notes: Case, dial, and hands in excellent condition. Typical scratches on case surface with a few minor dings. Latch and spring operate well and lid opens to 90 degrees. Bow is tight. Original dial nearly perfect except a small pinhole sized spec near the 4. Hands still retain original plumb finish. Movement inlay is sharp and polished parts are like new. The third case screw is missing but the movement is secured with the other two.

What to Love About This Watch: The movement features one of the most innovative designs available at the time as it can be configured as an open-face or hunting watch. The watch has been fully serviced and adjusted to match original factory specifications.

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