Recommendations for Shipping an Antique Pocket Watch

While carriers are generally cautious with packages entrusted to them, we highly recommend the following steps to make sure your watch arrives without damage:

  1. Make sure the watch is not running when packaged. If necessary, wait a couple days for the watch to fully stop.
  2. Use a sturdy cardboard box that can withstand typical stacking that occurs during transit. Do not use damaged boxes or flimsy padded envelopes.
  3. Wrap your watch tightly using a cushioning material such as bubble wrap.
  4. Place the watch in the box and pack cushioning or filler material around the watch to prevent movement during transit.
  5. Tape all seams on the box to ensure the contents are not lost during transit.
  6. Write “FRAGILE” on the box near the label. This may ensure extra care from the carrier during transit.
  7. Ship the package using a tracking-enabled method. Signature confirmation and insurance is advised. We are not responsible for lost or damaged shipments until successful arrival.

We generally ask customers to cover expenses for inbound shipping while we cover return shipping (with paid service). If you have any questions regarding the shipping procedures for your watch, please feel free to contact us.


Please use the following mailing address for all inbound shipments.

Time Antiquarian
7051 Highway 70 S
Nashville, Tennessee 37221