1923 Hamilton Dress Watch in Original Box, Grade 912, Size 12, 17 Jewels



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This exquisite watch includes the original “Hamilton” branded box.

Manufacturer: Hamilton Watch Co.
Serial Number: 3432174
Estimated Production Date:
Grade: 912
Model: 2
Size: 12s
Total Production: > 250,000
Jewels: 17 Jewels
Setting Method: Pendany
Winding Method: Pendant
Factory Adjusted: Yes, 3 Positions, Temperature, Isochronism
Railroad Grade: No
Configuration: Openface
Dial: Single-Sunk, Metal, Heavy Arabic Numerals
Hands: Open Spade
Case: Hamilton 14K Gold-Filled

Condition Notes: Dial is nearly flawless. Case has scratches and small dings, as expected with light use.

What to Love About This Watch: This Gatsby-era dress watch was presented to Elmer H. Larkin in 1931 by The Heald Machine Company, as inscribed inside the watch. With little indication of use, this watch was likely cherished by Mr. Larkin and only carried on special occasions. The watch comes with the original box.
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