Why Choose Us?

Free Shipping + 6-Month Guarantee


We recognize that purchasing an antique timepiece online can be risky, and we think you should look forward to receiving a watch you will fall in love with – instead worrying about whether the watch will continue to run after a week.

Every watch we sell comes with a 6-month functionality warranty. This means that if your watch stops working or is not reasonably accurate, we will fix it – no charge.

Plus, we offer free shipping in the United States. All watches are inspected and regulated before shipment to ensure the first experience with your watch is positive.

As you might expect, accidental or incidental damage due to dropping, mishandling, or submerging is not covered by this warranty. Find Out More

Our antique timepieces should maintain accurate time within +/- 5 minutes per day. Though, many keep much better time than that.

Give us a chance to prove what many already know – we are the best location to buy an antique timepiece.