1859 American Watch Co. (Waltham) Appleton, Tracy & Co. Civil War Pocket Watch with Gold Balance Wheel



This fantastic watch was manufactured by the American Watch Co. while the United States was on the verge of the Civil War. The Arabic numerals on the dial, hand-painted with a Serpentine style, were uncommon during this era.

Manufacturer: American Watch Co. (Waltham)
Serial Number: 17939
Estimated Production Date:
 July 1859
Grade: Appleton, Tracy & Co.
Model: 1857
Size: 18s
Total Production (A.T.&Co, M1857): ~68,278
Jewels: 16 Jewels
Setting Method: Key
Winding Method: Key
Factory Adjusted: Yes
Railroad Grade: N/A
Configuration: Openface
Dial: Single-Sunk, Hand-Painted Serpentine Arabic Numerals, Enamel
Hands: Blue Diamond with Polished Tips
Case: A.L.D. Coin Silver

Condition Notes: Dial has slight blemishes.

What to Love About This Watch: The Appleton, Tracy & Co. grade was one of the best grades manufactured by Waltham during this time, and the hand-painted serpentine dial is extremely difficult to find on a watch of this age.
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