1860 Civil War Pocket Watch by the American Watch Co. (Waltham) – Keywind/Keyset with Beautiful Plates



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When this watch was manufactured by the American Watch Co. in Waltham, Massachusetts in September 1860, the country was on the brink of Civil War. Two months later, Abraham Lincoln was elected as president, continuing to further divide the country. As the United States took up arms to fight one another, this watch likely counted the seconds of each battle, forever marking history with each tick.

This historic timepiece is set within the original Am. Watch Co. Coin Silver case. The movement is finely finished in gilt with intricate accents provided by blue steel screws and a checkerboard pattern adorning the balance cock. This is one of the most beautiful early Waltham movements we have encountered.

The watch winds, ticks, and keeps reasonable time for a watch 150 years young.

Manufacturer: American Watch Co. (Waltham)
Serial Number: 39182
Estimated Production Date:
Grade: P.S. Bartlett
Model: 1857
Size: 18s
Jewels: 11
Setting Method: Key
Factory Adjusted: Yes (Unmarked)
Configuration: Openface
Dial: Single-Sunk
Case: Am. Watch Co. Coin Silver Hinged Case
Keywind/Keyset (Key Included)

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