1942 Military Issue Hamilton Model 23 Bomber Timer



Commonly used on bombers during WWII, this Hamilton Model 23 Timer was produced specifically for the United States Military.

Manufacturer: Hamilton Watch Co.
Serial Number: P7127
Estimated Production Date:
Grade: Model 23
Model: 5
Size: 16s
Total Production: 25,300
Jewels: 19 Jewels
Setting Method: Pendant
Winding Method: Pendant
Factory Adjusted: Yes
Railroad Grade: No
Configuration: Openface
Dial: Black Timer Dial, White Arabic Numerals, Graduated Seconds Track
Hands: White Spade & Whip
Case: Keystone Base Metal

Case Markings:
AN 5742-1
FSSC 88-W-590
MFR’S PART NO. 37297
SERIAL NO. H-16593
CONTRACT NO. NOa(s)-3242

Condition Notes: Case has numerous scratches due to use. Sometimes the flyback mechanism does not fully go back to zero, but with a few pushes of the button, it corrects itself. Other than that, the timer functions as expected.

What to Love About This Watch: These historic timers we used by United States bombers during WWII.
All watches are guaranteed to be in working condition and come with a 60-day functionality warranty.
(Warranty does not cover damage due to dropping, mishandling, or submerging)

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