Pocket Watch Repair in Nashville


Pocket Watch Repair in Nashville

Looking for pocket watch repair in Nashville? While we offer pocket watch service and repair to customers all over the United States, we call Nashville, Tennessee home. If you are looking for someone local to the Middle Tennessee area to repair your pocket watch, we would be happy to take care of you.

We offer service and repair options for nearly all antique and vintage American pocket watches manufactured prior to 1950, including Elgin, Waltham, Illinois, Hamilton, Rockford, Seth Thomas, and Columbus.

Please contact us with questions or service requests.

Full Service

Our most popular service option includes the complete disassembly of the movement. Each part is then deep-cleaned in an ultrasonic bath and forensically inspected for potential problems. The movement is then reassembled, oiled, adjusted, and regulated. Upon completion, you will receive a detailed service report including microscopic photos taken during inspection.


Dial Reconditioning

Over time, dials can become dirty or develop hairline cracks that may be considered unsightly by some. Our dial reconditioning includes a deep-cleaning of the dial, removing surface residue and cleaning dirt from any hairline cracks. While the chips and cracks are not repaired during reconditioning, they become more aesthetic.


Case Reconditioning

Our case reconditioning service includes a complete cleaning and polish of your pocket watch case. The crystal is then replaced with a new beveled glass crystal. While some collectors argue against polishing, this service can brighten up an watch and help conceal brassing that is common with gold-filled cases.



Whether it is a broken balance staff or a missing part, we can help get your watch in running condition again.