6-Month Functionality Warranty

All timepieces sold by Time Antiquarian are covered by a 6-month functionality warranty, beginning the original date of purchase. Watches are fully inspected and regulated before shipment to ensure proper functionality.

This warranty guarantees the timepiece to remain fully functional for the duration of the term, according to the following specifications:

  • The watch can successfully be wound.
  • The watch can successfully be set by the intended setting mechanism.
  • The watch will run at least 24 hours without stopping.
  • The watch will maintain reasonably accurate time within +/- 5 minutes per day.

Examples of issues covered by our 6-month functionality warranty:

  • Broken mainspring
  • Deviation in accuracy greater than +/- 5 minutes per day with regulator set to extreme position (fast or slow).
  • Loose hands
  • Loose crystal
  • Stoppage within 24 hours of a full wind.
  • Gear train issues not caused by mishandling

Some problems can only occur due to misuse or mishandling. Examples of issues not covered by our 6-month functionality warranty:

  • Broken balance staff
  • Broken, shattered, or cracked jewels
  • Rust or Evidence of Moisture
  • Mangled hairspring
  • Broken or cracked crystal
  • Aesthetic issues not affecting functionality


If you happen to need assistance with a watch you purchased from Time Antiquarian, please contact us.